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Mug Shapes

Personalize your own mug by choosing the shape! 

Below you will see the shapes that I have done in the past. 

When I shape your mug I think of several things.

Here are four things I keep in mind that I'd like you to consider while browsing through the shapes below: 


1. The belly: Are you wanting a chubbier mug or a more slender one? 

2. The neck: Would you like It to be subtle or blatantly curved in? 

3. The lip: This is where you will place your lips-- go figure! Would you like it to be aligned with the neck, or would you like it to be flared out? 

4. The foot: What do you want the base to look like? Straight down from the belly? Notched out? 

* I will choose the shape the handle in accordance to the shape of your mug *


The anatomy of a mug 

Choose your shape

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