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Hand stamped mugs

This has been my largest requested custom order category. I have made sets for families, bridal parties, and small groups. I have also made pairs and individual items for mothers, and grandparents. Most all have requested the names or phrases to be stamped at the bottom. Often, the design will depend on your color choice and desired stamped phrase. To the present, customers have primarily used my body of work as examples to what they would like. For example- "I love your falling sunset design, and I would like that design paired with my families names stamped at the bottom.... these are the sizes that I am thinking." Customers have also provided me with a general color and we have worked that way as well if I have access to that color. 

Before going forward with your custom order, I ask that you read my personal statement of creativity that is linked below.  

After having read that, find your way to the additional link providing ability to make custom choices to your desired mug(s). 

Hand stamped mugs: Services
Hand stamped mugs: Values
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