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Can we come and see the studio?

Yes! We welcome you upon appointment at this time! So please do reach out! we would love to show you the space! Need help finding a way to contact me? Tap the above barn icon and it will take you to a form of contact.

Where can I shop jSe Pottery in person?

Currently, you can find us in The Remnant Coffee shop in Arcadia, Indiana along with other local makers. We set up at several markets a year and we will let you know that info when those events are booked! We will soon offer in studio shopping, where you can come visit where your items are made and purchase them on site. Have questions? Tap above shop icon and it will take you to a form of contact.

Do you offer classes?

Yes! We opened the opportunity to sign up for wheel throwing class on our website in July 2023! Find your way over to our "Create" page and book a timeslot!  Need help finding a way to contact me? Tap above Smile icon to take you to a form of contact.

How do I place a custom order?

Find your way to our custom order page on this website. As you browse through the current offerings, please fill out a form that will be sent directly to me of your inquiry. Need help finding the custom order page? Tap the above tree icon and it will take you right there!

What words or phrases will I hear in the studio that are clay specific?

Throwing: What potters say when they are going to make something on the pottery wheel. "I'm going to throw on the wheel."

Hand Building: The act of making something out of clay that does not utilize the use of a pottery wheel. 

Firing: The act of starting the kiln for the clay pieces to be essentially cooked to high temperatures. 

Bisque Ware: The state of clay being fired once that is awaitingglaze.  

Glaze: This is what we call the paint we apply to the pottery pieces once they are ready! 

How long does it take for pieces to be ready to glaze after made in the studio?

It will typically take 1-2 weeks for something to dry accordingly depending on size to be fired and ready for glaze application.

Can I come and make something and have you glaze it?

Yes! You can come in for a class or for open studio hours to make something. By the end of your visit you can write on a paper what color you would like from the provided glaze samples. Pieces would be ready within 3-4 weeks.

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