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We fired up the Kiln!

November 2021

The long wait is over! We have finally fired up the kiln for the first time!! This is the tool that allows the process to work fully and we are grateful to now have this a part of the studio! 

Though I was excited to fire my kiln with the sweater ornaments the past few times, it really hit me when I loaded some tester mugs this past weekend. Like WOAH! I can actually glaze and walk just a few steps and load them up and actually not have to time my trips across town or an hour away to get my pieces. To say I’m grateful for the Lord's provisions is an understatement. I truly appreciate the convenience and look forward to renting kiln space to others once I feel fully confident operating it. It’s been fun to get to know and respect such a powerful piece of equipment that has made mine and others pottery dreams and desires a reality. To be able to have my hand in the whole process now (including the firing temps and times) brings so much more possibility to my creativity.  eagerly open our kiln to reveal the beautiful transformation that occurred within just 24 hours. 

We fired up the Kiln!: News & Updates
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