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Windows and doors and sunshine, OH MY!

February 2022

While sitting here sipping my coffee and reflecting this Monday morning, I can't help but be humbled by God's provisions over the last year. In His timing He has provided us with the resources and people we have needed. Daniel and I have been learning how to do a lot of things regarding "barn improvement." While we did put in the one exterior side door, we decided that delegation was needed for the new framing and installation of the windows and doors. We are grateful that the Lord equips everyone differently and provided us with those who could make this next step in the barn renovation a reality.
That being said, last week we welcomed in our windows and doors to fill the spaces of our two sliding back barn doors. Im sure the cows that used to frequent these doorways would be surprised to see what they look like today. We plan to keep our green barn doors on the tracks to continue to preserve the "barn feel" when you walk up. We have been staring out these windows a lot over the last few days. The few warmer days welcomed the cranes out of wherever they had gone for the winter months and they have given us a show. I also saw 7 deer run across the back field just as the window had been installed. What a treat. What a blessing. We are excited that this is just the beginning of being able to enjoy the scenery and wildlife out these panoramic windows and doors. What wonderful way to enjoy the gift of creativity while getting to observe and appreciate God's beautiful creation just outside the windows.

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